Thursday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


For just $7.99 you too could have an instant red beard and Lucky Charm Hat!
Camillo and I found this a few weeks ago at Target.
Shoulda bought it...

Anyways, hope you guys had a fun day.
And maybe an even more eventful evening.

I spent the day with this little cutie..


She has such a kind, compassionate, sweet heart.
She'll just sit by my grandpa's side for hours at a time.
Only to get up and stroke his hand or kiss his forehead.
It's so beautiful to witness their love.

I also got to see this boy...


He was more excited to see me in real life!
But even more excited about his three new air soft guns he got today.
With his own money!
He told me all about it.
A hug and a quick smooch on the cheek from this kid is enough to make my heart swell.

Before I left town I ate lunch with my mama and changed a head light with my daddyo.
Exciting, I know.
But between the 1.5 hour drive, Irish banjos and accordions at the nursing home, and reading stories to my gramma, 30 minutes with my parents was perfect.
I sure do miss 'em.

Anyways, now I'm back home and Camillo is getting nachos and Corona for dinner.
That's Irish, right??


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  1. It was so nice to see a pic of Grandma Ruby! I haven't seen them since I was 16 (that was 14 years ago). Also, there's nothing more Irish than Mexican beer :)


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