Tuesday, April 19


I need to make it known that I have never been a breakfast person.
Somehow, though, I have been on more breakfast dates in the last few months than lunch/dinner dates.
And I don't mind it a bit.

There were those breakfast dates with Camillo,
more recently a road trip breakfast with Kristie,
and today, a breakfast surprise with Naomi!


We ate at Salmon Bay Cafe in Ballard.
Guess what I ordered??


Yep, you guessed it.
I've got to try out french toast all over town.

Naomi got an omelet and potatoes.


I almost regretted my french toast choice.
Until I took a bite.

Now we're in Q Cafe with our laptops and school books.
I'm learning a lot today from youtube tutorials for CS5.
Man, who knew?!

It's a gorgeous, sunny day and it feels nice to be out of the house but still getting a lot accomplished.
This might be my new spot for computer work.
I'm trying to figure out a new routine now that I don't have to live for PS.
Oh yeah, I should be looking for a new place of employment...

While I've got a little extra time on my hands I'm working on branding ideas for a little thing I want to start up.
Gosh, I'm so elusive, aren't I? 
I'm afraid of failure and if I tell you what I'm doing before I achieve it, everyone will know if it doesn't work out.
(a little bunny trail of vulnerability there...)
So, just let me get my things together and then I'll tell you all about it, okay? 

There are some fun things I plan to show you throughout the rest of the week.
What is something you would like to read about?
Requests are always welcome - just leave a comment below!


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