Wednesday, April 20

Friday Favorites: Thrift Store Finds

Here we are!
I missed last Friday because I was in Portland.
So I'm making up for it today with my favorite thrift finds of the week!



We visited a few different ones over the weekend and I found a gorgeous (maybe crystal?) platter, pink little serving dish, perfect shelf, a cute jar for buttons, and another suitcase. 
All for under $20!!


Look at the detail!
I love the flower shape etched out.


I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to be.
But it reminds me of my grandma and I am soo happy to have found it.
I want to use it for my earrings.


This shelf was five dollars!!
It's just what I need for my crafty room.
I'll prime and paint it to brighten things up.
Maybe make a DIY out of it?

The jar you see there is going to corral all my buttons.
I love buttons.
I'll give you an up-close soon - it's in mid-DIY at the moment :]


I might have a collection of suitcases.
This one was 3 dollars and the cutest size.

I could spend hours thrifting and luckily, my travel mate felt the same :]


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