Thursday, April 14

Public Announcement ::

I have officially quit my day job!
[insert sigh of relief here]

I'm in the middle of my last shift ever at Paper Source and it feels great.
Not that I won't miss my friends - it will be so weird not seeing them all the time!
But as stressed as I've been the last few (dare I admit it?) months, it's a huge weight lifted knowing a new adventure is around the corner.

And look at all these fun times we've spent together outside of work!





Someday I might tell you every detail about how this came about.
But first, I need to let it all soak in!
It seems unreal still...
I am unemployed.

I'm totally trusting Jesus to guide me where He wants me to be.
After all, His timing has always been perfect.

Yesterday (one day before my last day of work) I found this great e-course from Elsie.
Dream job?
That's what I'm looking for!!

And then Mars Hill posted this link about internships.

Oh, and then Naomi sent me this amazing info from CoCo-Kelly.

Everything I've wanted more time to do is falling into my lap.
There are so many opportunities lining up for me, I'm so so grateful.
And somehow, not at all worried about my temporary unemployment.

The next two days will be fun filled on the road and then two days home relaxing with Camillo before I hit the books...or whatever it's gonna take to make my dreams come true!

What are your dreams?
Have you ever taken a drastic leap in order to follow them?


(all photos snatched from Lanissa's facebook page :))

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