Thursday, June 2

Special thanks to Camillo for reminding me I'm almost half way to 50

For my happy birthday this year I compiled a list of things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 25.
I have to say, it feels more special to make 'resolutions' for my birthday rather than on New Years when everybody else is making a list.
Yeah, I'm a rebel.

Anyway, my list was carefully thought out and I'm really excited to get started. 
I already ran 3 of my 520 miles!

Camillo and I are on our way to the Museum of Glass to meet up with my Daddyo and Josiah.
I've always wanted to go and it just so happens Josiah had a field trip there today!

Happy June


  1. I'll help you out with the coffee date goal! :) soon?

  2. I will be a coffee date! You inspire me. Love you. - Mandy


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