Thursday, July 7

Let's Talk About Skin. And Grapefruit.

I'm kind of a lover of grapefruit, what about you?
Imagine my excitement when I find this line of skin care!
A burst of grapefruit to wake me up after a good workout.

Now, I'll tell you that I haven't always been a face washer.
My skin was always pretty clear through high school and it seemed like if I did wash my 
face I'd break out!
Sensitive skin...awesome.

After high school came sweatier workouts and grown up stress.
And suddenly my skin wasn't so clear.
So what could I do?
Washing my face made trouble.
But not washing my face wasn't working anymore, either. 

I found grapefruit cleanser and couldn't resist!
Then, I learned about toner.
Toner helps close up pores after you've scrubbed them clean and wide open.
Without toner, your pores can collect dirt and oils that cause breakouts!
Get it?

So now, every morning after a hard workout (or a fun night of dancing) I refresh with my favorite grapefruit face wash and keep everything clear with a bit of toner.
And for a little extra pampering? 
I love to hydrate with grapefruit lotion!
It takes 5 extra minutes but that's enough to wake up and feel a little extra pretty.
And who doesn't love clear, smooth skin?

Do you guys have a certain routine for your skin each morning?
What is something you've added to that routine so that your morning is a bit more pampered?


Topic inspired by Gussy


  1. Hey Joy! I haven't talked to you in such a LONG time but I wanted to let you know I have been reading from time to time and really enjoy your blog!! I wanted to comment on your love of grapefruit- first, what facewash do you use? I've been wanting to switch something natural and just don't know where to begin! Secondly, you should google some recipes for making your own grapefruit sugar scrubs. I did a while ago but havent gotten around to trying them- the recipes seem very simple too!

  2. Hey Kerry, good to hear from you! If you click on 'this line' at the top of the post, it will send you to a link showing what I use. It's Neutrogena so I'm not sure if it's necessarily natural, but it does great things for my skin! Homemade grapefruit scrubs?! Oh my, I've got to try it! Thanks for the tip!

  3. love this post. washing my face with neutrogena is the first thing i do every morning.
    p.s. i DID go to SPU but i transfered to UW after all of the tuition kept adding up. i loooved it there though!


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