Saturday, July 2

Note To Self #174

It's true what everybody says:
If you write down your goals, you're more likely to accomplish them.

For one reason or another I skipped over these words of wisdom and thought I knew better.
Okay, not that I knew better than everyone, but that I knew what worked better for me.
I decided to give goal-writing-down a try and did so on my birthday last month.
(Yes, June was last month!!)
Enter my 24 before 25 goals!!
My list was well thought over and has a mix of short term and long term goals;
Some are already accomplished and some are 1/12 of the way complete!

#3 obviously a continual work in progress but I've already shot two weddings to add to said portfolio! [sneak a peek here and here]
#8 Thursday I picked up the supplies I need to make my first batch of cards! We'll see how it goes but if all runs well, I'll be making my own by hand!!
#9 also on Thursday, I started my first book, The Happiness Project. I'm only halfway into the second chapter but I'm already feeling cheerier (more cheery?).
#12 I kind of went a little crazy about running the last few weeks. I've already knocked off 50 of my 520 goal! That's 10 more than planned and it feels pretty good!
#20 my tripod and remote have arrived! Best Buy gives so many points for so many dollars you spend and, after buying my computer a couple months ago, I had enough 'Rewards Dollars' that #20 got checked off for a mere 8 dollars!! I have fun plans to try them out this weekend!
#15, 17, 24 have been done a couple times, too!

As you can see, there are a few things I should have already started (for instance#10,18).
Instead of feeling defeated, I promise myself that in later months, I'll catch up!
It's important not to give up on goals just because they maybe didn't start out the way you expected.
Would you agree?
I made a couple small charts to help me keep track of my numbered goals.
For instance, when I run 4 miles, I just check four boxes on my little running chart!
It's fun to see my 'checks' getting closer to the 520 at the end :]
Since my scanner isn't working, I'll have to show you later..

Do you guys have any summer goals?
I want to enjoy the sun and spend more time outside on a daily basis.


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  1. This post makes me think and maybe I will do a post like this soon.
    Your goals are really interesting.


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