Thursday, June 30

It's Thursday and I'm Thankful for...

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Remember my 24 List?
Well, I realized there are a few things I haven't started yet..
Like sending handmade gifts or filling a summer season journal.
Or writing my thank you lists.
Soo..I thought I'd include you in my little list making goal.
I'll share a list each week and maybe you guys can start your own thankful lists!
If you do, leave a comment in the box down there and I'll stop by to read yours, too!!

Ready? Here goes..

This week I'm thankful for:

a beautiful Sunday wedding shoot
my laptop that has made my work 1000 times easier/better/mobile
the warm weather we've been having - even with the clouds!
Q Cafe
new ideas for dinner
being a morning person
the legs that let me run
the 'okay' to rest
my creativity and ideas
our second bedroom - the perfect studio space
Camillo's thoughtfulness
self employment
good friends
the grace to be thankful
financial abundance
good stewardship
my meeting with Joel
excitement about serving Jesus
Lanissa's baby news
the work that's going on in my heart
our comfy old couch
our time together each evening..even if he's studying and I'm editing
the opportunity for an internship
this season in our lives
the cute group of ladies sitting over there...
gym memberships
headphones at the coffee shop
the talent to make pretty photographs
the opportunity to take said photographs camera!
our church family
date lunch time
my husband's drive to be a good student
his passion for learning
the things I learn from him

Gosh, once you get started, things just keep coming to mind!
I could write more but I think I'll keep the rest for myself.
Really, you should try it.
It will change your life, being thankful.
One list at a time.
Your list doesn't have to be long and eloquent.
You can even add things that haven't happened yet - be thankful in faith!

This weekend we can revisit my 24 List and I'll show you what I've been able to mark off or get started.
And the things I need to hurry up about!


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