Tuesday, July 5

Whatdya Do When...

You have tons  of work to do on the computer but the thought of sitting inside in the dark makes you want to cry like a little girl?
Take a pen and paper to the park!

I could NOT stand the idea of sitting on the computer during this gorgeous day.
And guess what? Since I'm self-employed I can skip computer work for an afternoon if I want to!
[did you see my arms cross and foot stomp? sorry, that got a little snobby..]

I packed a couple magazines, a book, my journal, scissors, and washi tape and walked my happy,
sun-dressed self to campus.
Enter perfectly sloped (for maximum sun exposure and comfort) green patch.
I spent two hours listening to Vampire Weekend and cutting pieces out of
magazines for an inspiration board.
It. Was. Bliss.
I'm feeling totally rejuvenated and inspired.
A couple hours to myself in the sun was just the vitamins I needed.
And I got a lot collected to get my new project going...
I can't wait to tell you about it but I can't say another word for just a couple more days!

Now I'm tucked inside and am ready to work.
Of course, the windows are open and the fan is prompting a cool breeze.
Sometimes, I girl just needs a late start to her work day!

I hope you guys enjoyed your 4th of July!
What did you do?
We hung out at the park doing semi-American things.
I'll give you a hint..
haha...More soon!



  1. So glad I stumbled onto this blog entry! I was writing about trying to do my thesis inside this weekend, and how insanely difficult it was...

    I love your idea :) Next time, it's coming to the park with me.

  2. We do the same thing, except with homeschool. If we feel like doing school at the park, we do. And yes, I have a stamp my feet, so there attitude about it!


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