Monday, May 21

A New Start

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I've been thinking a lot lately about what I'm doing with this little blogspot. Obviously, I haven't been here much at all over the last few months and I was curious as to why I was avoiding this space. Writing is really enjoyable for me, but for some reason(s), I wasn't taking the time to fill any pages with anything. I've missed it.

Here's what I figured out:

A) Admittedly, I probably started HappyCandido for the wrong reasons. You know, to post photos, write funny stuff, and get a following of thousands. Okay, not probably but definitely for the wrong reasons. With this popularity contest mindset, of course I got burnt out!

B) During a busy week, if there were a couple days where I didn't have the time/inspiration/ambition to post, I felt guilty about not doing so. Like I owed somebody a daily post and if I didn't write anything on Tuesday, I didn't have the right to come back on Wednesday. Uh, kinda weird. I know.

C) Then there was the me, myself, and I problem. I was tired of my content because my content was always And I got kind of annoyed about that. This wasn't supposed to be a selfish place and I might have thought that's what it had turned into.

So I just backed out for a while.

{insert almost 6 month hiatus HERE}

Well, now I'm feeling a stirring in me to get back to the pen and paper/keyboard. It probably has something to do with this baby in my belly, or the spring that's finally in the air. Whatever it is, I want to come back for the right reasons, with the right mindset and game plan.

How to do that?

Whatdya know, at the same time I was feeling confused about how to start over again, I found this helpful post from Elsie. She even linked back to this older post (just for me?!) that was also a great starting point. I'm excited to start brainstorming new ideas for fresh, inspiring content - things you'll enjoy reading and that I'll enjoy writing! There are so many ways I could be expressing my creativity through this blog, and I'm going to take some special care in making this a place I love.

I've got a lot of techy stuff I'll have to teach myself. I don't want to rush into it again this time so bare with me as the next couple months might be mostly about Baby Candido (ya know, so we can have these memories documented).

I'm ready for a fresh start! Now where is my pen and journal...


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