Tuesday, June 5

30 down and 10 to go

Maybe this time next year I'll be talking about pounds but for right now, we're talking about weeks! 30 seems like a good, solid number, doesn't it? I'm very excited/nervous/happy/anxious/unprepared/looking forward to what's going to happen over the next 10 weeks. That's only 70 days, people!! The first 210 went pretty quickly now that I think of it...

Two weeks ago marked my entrance into 3rd trimester zone and it's hit me rather abruptly. My first two trimesters (with their mostly ignorable symptoms) were just too good to be true, I guess - shoulda known. I'm super tired and back to needing 10 hrs of sleep a night with naps during the day! I've got lots of stretching/pulling/cramping going on in there and it can make for some really uncomfortable days at work. Thankfully Paige is crawling now and would actually rather me not pick her up. Also, stretching obviously means baby is getting bigger and that means I can feel his every wiggle! It's been super fun for me and I enjoy watching my belly bump around to his dance moves.

This week we decided we should practice using one of our baby name choices. Instead of calling him 'baby' we're talking to him as 'just-kidding-it's-a-surprise-and-you-thought-I-was-about-to-blow-it'. Haha, gotchya! This week's practice name is actually probably our first pick and using it out loud makes it feel even more comfortable. We might just have a winner at first try! Okay, now I need to stop talking about it because I'm getting excited and might actually blow it!

Hello Baby,
We love you so so so much and we can hardly wait for you to come out and play! Daddy is getting especially antsy since he doesn't get to carry you around, talk to you, and feel you all day like mama does. I sure hope you're snuggly warm and cozy in there but, please, don't get too comfy. Mama needs you to come out on time!!
Oh my goodness, we're just over-the-moon excited!
Love you, baby
daddy and mama


  1. Great post Joy! We had 2 names picked out for Emily..we waited about 24 hours after she was born to name her....we wanted to get to know her...Can't wait to meet your little guy!!

    1. Thanks, Carolina! Waiting until we meet him sounds like a good idea! Then, if he pops out and doesn't seem like an "....." we'll have a couple to choose from :)


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