Wednesday, May 16

Tan lines and diamond rings

Man, oh man. This weather is totally rockin'! It's been sunny since I can remember (granted, there are some days my memory doesn't go farther than what I had for breakfast but still...) and I've been sure to get out to enjoy it!
Paige is a great trip-to-the-park-companion and we've spent a couple days in the grass on our picnic blanket. Yesterday we went to Greenlake for a lunch and got a nice dose of vitamin D. In two days I'm almost caught up to Camillo's brown skin!! And ya know what I think is fun? Having a tan line where my wedding ring sits on my finger! Haha, just sayin'. Today Shelby (big sis) is home with us so we're making a list of things to pack because, you guessed it, it's definitely another picnic at the playground kind of day. 

I hope it's sunny where you are and that you get to enjoy it! 

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