Friday, February 8

Tubs and Toofies

Oh. My. Word.

Just when I think Ollie couldn't get any cuter/sweeter/happier, he springs one on us and we're once again blown away by what a blessing our little guy is. I mean, seriously. Like when he got his first two toofies. He loves to show them off with his big, happy grin. Or when he took his first bath in the big boy tub. He has discovered the sheer joy that comes from splashing in the water. It's epic, people, let him tell ya! Or the nights he scoots/crawls/face plants across the living room, looking back to make sure he's not getting too far away from us. Or when his little head jerks towards the door when he hears daddy's keys in the lock. Or when he jumps and jumps and jumps in his bouncer until he's so tired, he just needs to rest his head on his hands for a bit. Or when he wakes up from his nap with a little fuzzy bed head.
One evening, while I was rocking Ollie to sleep, I was completely overcome with how much I love him. And then, ya know what? I realized the amount that I love Oliver doesn't even compare to how much God loves His kids. It's hardly even fathomable and I've only caught a sliver of a glimpse into that love. There's so much more to God's love than I can even comprehend. His is perfect!

I'm so grateful for our little baby boy. Motherhood is teaching me so much about who I am, who God is, and what He has for me. It's really quite amazing. Next week I'll share some of what He's doing in my heart. I'm feeling much better than that one time..

We're heading out of town today. Our house is still in shambles and mama and the baby are getting antsy! It will be great to get out of the city and stretch our legs. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so you better believe I'm taking my camera and my walking shoes. I'm feeling inspired already!

Next week is going to be full! Ollie has his 6 month checkup - we get to talk about eating solids!! The 14th is, of course, Valentine's Day, and the 15th is Ollie's 6 month 'birthday'. Also, I'll have a couple updates on the mold project (because I know you're dying to hear about it) and my cheerful project.

Until then, Happy Weekend, friends!!


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