Sunday, October 13

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Or, The Lack Thereof)

this post is part of my 31 Day series. here is the beginning

So I get home from my photo shoot this afternoon, right? And I'm all, like, 'Woo! I'm gonna make the chocolate chip cookies I've been waiting for all week!' Open the fridge only to be reminded that we used the rest of the eggs for family breakfast yesterday!! Dang. It. You guys, I'm only eating sugar once a week, on the weekends, and I've been looking forward to these cookies for seven days. HOW did I forget to pick up some eggs today? Tragedy.

That means I don't have any pretty cookie pictures for you. You'll have to wait another seven days. But in the spirit of sharing sweet treats with you, go ahead and look through my Pinterest board of delicious goodness that I'm totally gonna make someday. Enjoy!


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