Saturday, October 12


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We, the Candidos, could eat pizza every night. I'm just going to admit that to you. So to save money, I've gotten creative and started making it at home! I buy the Trader Joe's pizza dough for $1.29 and can get two medium pizzas out of it. I top with all sorts of things: red sauce or white sauce, barbecue sauce or olive oil. Spinach or tomatoes, or both! Chicken or pepperoni. Olives, mushrooms, peppers, or pineapples. Yum!
This has definitely been my favorite combo so far. Oh my. The creamy gorgonzola sprinkled underneath the mozzarella is amazing. Then, add a little zing from the barbecue sauce and dang, girl. My mouth is watering, excuse me.

This is a fun meal I like to cook on the weekends when Daddy is home to play with Ollie. It's easy but time consuming so I need the babe to be distracted while Mama's in the kitchen for a while. I roll out the dough and pop in the oven at 500* for just a couple minutes. Doing so helps the crust get a tiny bit crispy before the toppings go on. Carefully take the crust out and spread with barbecue sauce. Layer with spinach (I leave mine raw, no need to cook it first), and then with cooked chicken. Next, sprinkle some gorgonzola crumbs. Gorgonzola can be very strong so don't use too much, okay? Finally, top with mozzarella cheese. Bake for about 10 more minutes (keep an eye on it) or until cheese is melted and golden.

What are your favorite toppings?  


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  1. Joy - I have an awesome wheat and white pizza dough recipe if you are ever interested.


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