Friday, October 11

I Made It!

this post is part of my 31 Day series. here is the beginning

totally unrelated photo of Ollie's smooshed face at the Kid's Place..

Another post with hardly anything to do about food. But I made it! It's been another nice, long day that started at 7:30 this morning and is ending now..11:35pm. So with 25 minutes left of Day 11, I'm signing in if only to say goodnight! We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner because, let's face it, that's as creative as Mama could be tonight. But it was great. And Ollie is pretty cute eating meatballs. Easy and cute. Win win.

Goodnight, friends. Thanks for reading. This weekend I have some good stuff to eat so come back. We're talking pizza and chocolate chip cookies. But you didn't hear that from me..


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