Saturday, October 26

Weekend Burgers

this post is part of my 31 Day series. here is the beginning

Sometimes burgers are good on Saturdays, huh? I got these two patties from Safeway, on sale for only a couple bucks! We already had most of these toppings and condiments so this meal was cheap and filling. 
I made a makeshift broiler pan for these burgers with foil, a small, shallow pan, and a cooling rack. Season with your favorite herbs and spices and set under broiler. After about 5 minutes on each side, your burgers should be nice and juicy!

Stack with lots of veggies and your favorite sauce, then open wide! I topped mine with Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and BBQ sauce. Burgers are a fun, easy meal. Perfect for weekends, even in October!

What do you like to stack on your burgers?


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