Friday, January 17

So Long, Farewell

So, I’m wrestling with why I want to write this blog. What I want to write about and for who. Do I want to write to become a part of a community, writing about what readers want to read, for followers? Or do I need to write in order to sort things out. About my circumstances. For me?

I want to write about my relationships with my mom and dad. And their relationship with each other. I want to write about how I’m not sure who I am aside from Mama. How some days I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere. I want to write about what it's like being married to someone from a different culture. I want to write about my brothers. My memories of childhood. I want to ramble on and on about the thoughts that I can’t quite grasp but can feel stirring in my soul. 

But I don’t think here is the place for that. 

Consider this an official leave of absence (in case the last 35 days of silence weren’t official enough). I need to search my heart and check my motives. 

Maybe someday I’ll be back. 
Until then...



ps. I still enjoy posting photos to Instagram. Follow me there if you'd like to stay in touch! 

Friday, December 13

My Kind of Party

There were confetti bombs and giant balloons that fell from the sky. Oversized fur coats and 'coon skin hats. It was quite the dance party. And we were there. It was a blast to jump around with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at their world tour finale; the last night of a 3 month trip. It was our first date night in a very long time, and our first concert together as a couple. It was so much fun, I hope we'll make an effort to go to more shows together.

Happy Weekend Friends!

Tuesday, December 10

I Don't Know What To Title This Post So I'm Just Gonna Leave It At That

Hey Peeps,

Happy Tuesday! We three Candidos are having a quiet day at home (aside from a bit of grocery shopping) after a busy weekend/Monday. I'm cleaning, doing laundry, making lists, crossing things off of them, and just kinda getting things back in order. While listening to Christmas Music, of course. Frank Sinatra Christmas station on Pandora to be exact :)

If you have a minute, please take a look at this Merry Christmas card. Mostly because, hello, it's so friggin' cool. Maybe we will make Christmas cards this year… You could also read this amazing story of a Christmas Miracle. If you're reading this post while you take a break from online Christmas shopping for your brother's girlfriend's roommate who's name you drew for gift exchange, this might help. And if you're a mama like me, on the clock 24/7, please read this sweet post by a wonderful woman who gets it (and after you read it, bookmark her blog because it's always that sweet, caring, and has just the right words to encourage me through the rest of my day). Oh, and lastly, read this post about making space for your future because it has some really awesome points.


Friday, December 6

That Time Everything Worked Out Perfectly // part 2

Brooke and I clicked right away. We talked on the phone for probably an hour and then made plans to meet up later that week. I could tell right away that she was crazy about her girls, and I loved that she was whispering through our whole convo while her 5 month old slept in her arms. 

They live half way up Queen Anne hill, a quiet part of the neighborhood with lots of sidewalks and a playground nearby. I was greeted by a mommy and a baby, and could hear a big sister playing in her bedroom. It took a few minutes before she felt like coming out to meet me but, when she did, I heard all about her teacher at school and the artwork she’d made that day. She showed me her favorite books while her sister kicked and cooed on the floor next to where we sat. I think we were buddies from that point on. Baby sis was such a cutie! Totally calm and happy. I just wanted to snuggle and cuddle her but refrained just a bit so as not to seem too excited. Ha! 

This felt perfect. The hours were exactly what I needed, I felt at home right away in their space, the girls and I got off to a great start, and like I said, Brooke and I really hit it off. But I had competition! Brooke let me know that she’d already interviewed a couple other nannies and that she had a couple more later that week. We parted ways, happy to have met, and with promises to be in touch soon. 

Two days before Christmas, Brooke gave me a call. I could hear that her house was full of company - her family was visiting for Christmas! She told me that the other interviews had gone okay but when she asked Shelby which nanny she liked the best, Shelby said ‘Joy! I liked Joy the best!’ Oh my. Talk about heart melt. It meant so much to me that Shelby could tell we’d make a good pair from just that first little while together. Turns out, Brooke agreed with the girls and asked if I’d like to be Paige and Shelby’s nanny. Yes! I’d love to! 

This was it! What a relief to find a family that you just fit into right away! God had this all planned out for me and I was so thankful! Not only was it evident by how well we all hit it off in the beginning, but a few weeks later there was another big surprise that God knew was coming, even though I didn’t! I’m so glad He can see the big picture ;)

...To Be Continued...

Tell me about a time something just clicked together perfectly for you. A new job? A new friendship? 


Wednesday, December 4

Today is for:

a hot cocoa date while the babe naps
finishing a new quilt project
blog design brainstorming
lighting Christmas scented candles
turning up the heat
making goals for a new year
Christmas gift planning
enjoying our cozy home

What are you guys doing today? Winter is definitely here in Seattle..has it come to your house yet?


Tuesday, December 3

That Time Everything Worked Out Perfectly // part 1

Uniformed Nanny, 1967 via Pinterest

It was about this time, 2 years ago, that I started looking for my first nanny gig. I talked on the phone to quite a few families but all of those conversations turned out to be practice calls until I met Teresa. Her voice was sweet and I could hear her two boys playing in the background. We made plans to meet. 

I met Teresa and her 2 sons, Henry and Jack, a couple days later. We had a nice evening together, playing with trains, reading books, making snacks. Teresa and I had good conversation about what she needed in a nanny and my experience with kids. Looking back, I can’t say that I felt uneasy at all. The boys were rambunctious but sweet. Teresa was kind and welcoming. The evening ended on a good note and I felt excited that this might be my new ‘nanny family’. 

Over the next few days we talked about more details - schedules, transportation arrangements, hourly wage. It seemed like this was it! By the end of the week though, I started to feel unsettled with the idea of working for them. I tried to figure out what was making me feel differently than when I’d first met Teresa and the boys, but I couldn’t put a finger on it. I just didn’t have a peace about it. Camillo and I prayed and I finally just felt God say to me that this wasn’t what He had for me. Plain and simple. 

This is not where I’m taking you. 

I made the decision to decline Teresa’s offer to be Henry and Jack’s nanny. It was really weird. I hate feeling like I’m disappointing people. I’d gotten this far in the interview process, only to turn her down. On the phone, she kept asking if something was wrong, why didn’t I want to work for them? I was a little shy to talk to tell her my real reason, so I had a couple lame explanations at first. Finally, when none of them satisfied her, I told her the truth. I told her that I am a person who trusts God to lead me where He wants me to be. There was nothing wrong with her family, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to work with them, I just felt like this wasn’t the direction I was supposed to go. 

I could tell she thought I was a little nutty but, by being real and honest with her like that, I was able to hang up the phone, confident that I’d said what needed to be said. Had I beat around the bush, I probably would have wondered ‘did I say the right thing?’ or ‘did I sound rude or immature?’. I’m glad I was honest with her about my faith. Sometimes I worry that people will just blow me off if I start talking about Jesus. Especially in Seattle. But I'm learning to be bolder and not worry so much what people think about me. 

Even though I didn’t know what God had for me next, I was at peace with continuing my job search. Over the next few days, I met a couple really sweet girls. Maybe this was it? My new ‘nanny family’?

...To Be Continued

Have you ever been given an opportunity that seemed like a good idea in every aspect..except for that uneasy gut feeling? What did you do? Join the conversation in the comments below!